About Us

Tiger Marrón is an ode to contemporary global design fused perfectly with the finesse of expert artisanship.

Our true love for leather and fabric dates back to four decades ago, when we started our manufacturing unit creating works of art for brands all over the globe. This experience made us understand how much our homegrown fashion landscape missed a millennial tone and a brand that brought together an old-world charm with charismatic contemporary design. Today we bring to you a mélange of products, in top-quality leather and fabrics at prices you will love.

Seems like an overachiever asking for too much? We thought so too!

Bam! That's how we were born. Our range of genuine leather and fabric accessories are classic, unique, and wait for it...handcrafted to glorious perfection. Our keen eye for detail and sweet price points have awarded us the trust and endless loyalty of our customers - we love how they keep coming back for more. ;)

How do we do this?

We give it to you straight from the oven. As experienced manufactures, over the years, we have gained great skill and knowledge on what to do and how to do it. Hence, we do not need intermediaries. Simply put, our customers get the best products at the best prices.

Each piece of Tiger Marrón has a story to tell. It's designed and constructed keeping in mind your individuality and that's where our Bespoke Services waltz in. Our goal is for you to find expression in our collection and experience how our styles bring out your awesome personality.

We believe we are THE brand but then again, so are YOU!